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For 10 years, I sold advertising to many well-known national retailers in print, specialty publications and online.

In 2012, I transitioned to connecting brands with customers through their digital channels (think: online and mobile apps). 

When I wasn’t working, I played amateur soccer and watching my favorite European soccer teams on traditional cable/satellite tv. However,  this became increasingly difficult with the continuous price increases and constant deletion of channels.

By 2016, I discovered streaming.  Did you say no long term contracts?  No cable wires in the house?  No Satellite dishes on the roof?  No DVR equipment needed because DVR is virtual?  Sign me up!

The only thing missing from the streaming services were my local channels.  So I purchased an outdoor antenna to get my full slate of local channels.   

I didn’t know purchasing this antenna would turn into a side business where I sold thousands to home owners, RV parks and businesses all over the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  You can see it here.

With the creation of this blog, my new audience is you, the reader.  There are many and sometimes confusing streaming options and I’m still trying to make sense of it all.  But as this site grows, I hope it helps you navigate this new way to consume content.  

For instance, what’s the best streaming service for sports, movies, or live TV?  What about streaming services with the best free trials?  Or the differences and similarities between the services?  We will attempt to just some of those questions and more on this blog.

If you haven’t already, get rid of the cable wires, satellite dishes or the extra equipment stored below your TV and just Stream it!

10 Things About Me And 1 Thing About the Dog

I live in Central Florida (Way too hot in the summer)

I was born in England (Way too cold in the winter)

I’m married (met her in a nightclub.  It does happen)

I love very spicy food and eat habanero peppers for fun.  (If it makes me cry, it’s good)

I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan.  (Never been to Minnesota but have watched them play in Florida and California.  (Maybe it’s the purple color)

My favorite soccer team is Arsenal (It must be their red color)  Do see a trend?

I love exercising.  Soccer, running or weights 

I believe we are not the only ones in the universe.  (I know, crazy)

Love aviation (I’m a pilot)

I believe in data.  (The data never lies)

The dog in the picture is called “Tiny” and belongs to a friend.  She is the best pit you will ever come across.

TV Streaming News - Leon Thomas with his dog Tiny