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FX Channel

For many people, cable is seen as a rip off. Constant price increases, poor customer service and programming changes make us want to cancel our subscriptions. If you want to cancel cable but still want to watch the FX network, can you do so? We will answer the question in this blog.

Owned by FX Networks LLC, FX is an American pay television channel based in Century City, California. If you want to watch it without cable, one way to do so is to stream it. But there are many streaming platforms available. The easiest way to stream FX is to use the streaming services Sling, Vidgo, YouTube TV and FuboTV. In this article, we’ll explain why these are your best options and the differences between them so you can get back to watching one of FX’s biggest hits, American Horror Story.

FX is on Sling Blue

There has never been a time when the FX channel has been more accessible and affordable to stream than now. You can stream your favorite shows on FX through your Sling Blue subscription. We like Sling Blue because its one of the cheaper streaming platforms, while still offering great service.

With a monthly subscription of $35, this online streaming platform lets you enjoy access to over 40 channels with a mixture of news and entertainment.  

Even though Sling may have a low price point, you can still customize your viewing experience. The customization options on Sling are some of the best.

You can customize your DVR by adding a $5 fee which will upgrade you to 200 hours of DVR storage space. However, if you don’t want it, no problem. The basic subscription includes 50 hours of storage space.

Another notable customization feature is the Sling TV Extras. If you want more channels than what’s offered in the base subscription, for a little more, you can add a channel bundle.

Each channel bundle represents a category. So if you are interested in adding sports to your base service, add the Sports Extra bundle.

The cost per bundle varies.  See below.

  • AMC+/$7 per month
  • Comedy Extra/$6 per month
  • Heartland Extra/$6 per month
  • Hollywood Extra/$6 per month
  • Kids Extra/$6 per month
  • Lifestyle Extra/$6 per month
  • News Extra/$6 per month
  • Sports Extra/11 per month

You can even combine multiple bundles and get a discounted rate.

The 4 Extra Deal brings Kids Extra, Comedy Extra, News Extra, and Lifestyle Extra for $13 per month. The Total TV Deal, costs $27 per month and features all the other bundles and features, including DVR storage.

If another member in your household isn’t interested in watching sports, SlingBlue offers 3 simultaneous streams on different devices.

Sling comes with a 7-day free trial, to see if it is best for your entertainment needs. But there are no contracts, so you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Sling Blue is a practical and affordable option to watch FX. Be on the lookout for ongoing offers or additional deals and promotions Sling announces from time to time. 

If you want to try Sling, click here, to get started.

FX is on Vidgo

Do you or another member of your household want to watch FX but also share the viewing experience with others? This streaming platform may be for you.

We live in a social media driven world and Vidgo allows you to interact with other subscribers while watching live TV.

You can send GIFs, memes, photos, record and even share 5 seconds live reaction videos. You can join chat rooms, create your own chat room or post polls, people can react to. Moreover, you have the option to invite friends to watch a show with you and comment with them on its mobile-friendly platform. 

With a monthly subscription cost of $55 a month, Vidgo has FX and a competitive lineup of well known channels.

It offers more than 95 channels within the entertainment, kids, lifestyle, news, and sports categories. You can stream popular channels like HGTV, ESPN and Comedy Central.

Unlike Sling, Vidgo Plus does not offer a DVR storage. However, it does have a feature allowing users a 24-hour playback.

Vidgo also offers:

  • Timeshift – rewind, pause, or skip back to the beginning of live sporting events or tv shows if you join late or get interrupted.
  • Playback – watch shows in the past 24 hours without the need of a DVR
  • TV Everywhere – access hundreds of hours of additional content, movies and recorded shows from ESPN, Disney, ABC, Fox, Fox News, NFL Network, Discover, A&E, Viacom, beIN Sports, and Hallmark Apps.
  • 2x ABC and Fox stations
  • Web Player – stream live content on Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Casting – Use Airplay or Chromecast to watch Vidgo from your mobile device to your TV.

You can access Vidgo TV on iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Android smartphones and tablets, Android TV, Roku devices and Amazon Fire TV devices.

The biggest difference between Vidgo and Sling Blue is the subscription price. Vidgo cost more because it offers a wider variety of channel selections. Just keep in mind, Vidgo doesn’t offer a traditional cloud DVR like Sling. If you don’t need longer than 3 days to catch up on missed content, Vidgo as a streaming service, is a good option.

Similar to Sling Blue, Vidgo Plus allows you to watch content on up to 3 devices or screens simultaneously. 

You also don’t need a contract with Vidgo and can cancel anytime.

You can sign up for your 7-day trial period with Vidgo, here.

FX is on YouTube TV

Another way to stream your favorite shows on the FX channel is via YouTube TV. It has one of the highest number of paid subscribers in the United States because of its unique mixture of features.

The current cost for a YouTube TV subscription is $64.99 a month for over 85+ channels. Your base subscription includes region-specific channels and programming all the way to professional sports.

Some popular networks include ESPN, HGTV, TNT, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Food Network.

This service also includes the Big Four broadcast networks of you would only receive with a TV antenna. They are CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC.

In addition PBS, Telemundo, CW and Univsion are also part of their wide channel selection.

One of the reasons for YouTube TV higher monthly subscription is the DVR feature. Your YouTube TV subscription allows unlimited Cloud DVR storage. At the time of writing, DirecTV Stream is the only other service to offer unlimited DVR.

You can customize your YouTube TV subscription by adding additional packages.

If you have a 4K TV and want the viewing experience, just add the 4K Add-On. In addition, you will get offline recordings and unlimited streams.

If you want more sports, add the Sports Plus package for an $11 per month.

The Entertainment Plus bundle is an additional $30 per month on top of your base monthly subscription giving you access to HBO Max, Showtime, and STARZ.

Additional bundles include News, Lifestyle and Family.

YouTube TV also allows its subscribers to simultaneously stream on up to three devices. Currently, YouTube TV offers a 14-day trial.

Although Sling Blue and Vidgo are cheaper options on this list, YouTube TV has a wider variety of channels with one base subscription plan. It also offers the highest number of channels to choose from.

Moreover, YouTube TV has the longest trial period of any streaming service. Currently, it is offering a free two week trial. You can try YouTube TV, here.

FX on Fubo TV

Finally, you can stream FX on Fubo TV. Launched in 2015 specifically for soccer fanatics, it has progressed into one of the better cable alternatives.

The subscription price of Fubo is $69.99 a month which comes with over 120 channels. This includes major broadcast and cable networks, the ability to stream in 4K and 250 hours of Cloud DVR. It has an attractive and well-curated interface. So if you’re up to spending extra few dollars a month to access a more complete channel guide, Fubo TV could be a good choice.

Fubo TV has three different plans to choose from. Each plan comes with a one-week trial. The plans are:

  • Fubo Pro costs $69.99 a month with up to 112 channels available, 1,000 hours of DVR cloud storage, and up to 10 screens of simultaneous viewing.
  • Fubo Elite costs $79.99 a month with up to 165 channels, 1,000 hours of DVR cloud storage, and up to 10 screens of simultaneous viewing.
  • Fubo Latino costs $32.99 a month for 43 Spanish-language channels, 250 hours of cloud DVR and up to 2 screens of simultaneous viewing.

Like the other streaming services in this list, Fubo TV, allows you to upgrade or customize your TV experience.

You can enhance your DVR storage options. With an additional $9.99 per month your storage will increase by 250 hours or 1,000 hours for an additional $16.99 per month.

The Family Share upgrade allows up to three people to stream at the same time for only $5.99 per month. If you want more, the Unlimited Screens upgrade is available allowing users to watch Fubo TV on up to 10 devices simultaneously at home, and two on the go.

Fubo TV also offers premium channels at varying costs for each selection. AMC Premiere at $4.99 a month, Starz at $8.99 a month, EPIX at $5.99 a month, and an option to get a bundle of Showtime, EPIX and Starz for $19.99 a month.

Fubo TV is the most expensive streaming service in this list but offers a broad selection of channels, coupled with the ability to upgrade.

You can try a FuboTV seven-day free trial right here.

How can I watch FX online for Free?

To watch FX online for free, utilize the free trials of the streaming services mentioned in this article. By taking advantage of these free trials, you can learn the specific feature of each streaming service, to see which one works best for your household. But note, cancel the subscription before the free trial expires to avoid paying the monthly subscription.

Can I watch FX on Netflix?

You can watch a few FX shows on Netflix. The streaming service used to have almost all of the contents of FX, but when Fox pulled their content from Netflix, so went the FX library.

The list of FX shows absent on Netflix include Fargo, The Americans, The Strain, Tyrant, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Baskets.

Is FX available on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can stream some of your favorite FX shows on Amazon Prime. With your Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll get to enjoy a decent number of shows including American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Legion, The Americans, and Justified.

Does YouTube have FX?

Yes, YouTube has closed a deal with Disney to restore ESPN including FX and its other channels to the streaming service. Now there’s a lot more reasons to love YouTube TV since some of your favorite shows from the FX channel are now being carried by the platform. As mentioned above, you can test YouTube TV using a free trial. 


There is no reason to miss out on your favorite shows on FX, just because you decide not to get cable. Sling Blue, Vidgo, YouTube TV and Fubo all offer options to stream the FX Channel without a cable subscription.

All the options above offer affordable plans and are easy to set up. There are no equipment boxes, cables or satellite dishes to install. Moreover, there are no stifling contracts. If you have good internet speeds, your streaming quality is very good. You can stream one episode at a time, marathon an entire season of your favorite show, or just watch an old classic movie you’ve always wanted to see, but never had the time. 

You can even watch FX online for free by taking advantage of the free trials.

So go ahead and stream FX!

Leon Thomas

How do you watch FX? Are you using traditional cable? If so, are you happy with your monthly payments? Let us know in the comments below.

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