How to Watch Animal Planet Without Cable: Your Best Options

If you are a nature enthusiast, chances are you have heard of Animal Planet. With iconic shows like The Most ExtremeCrocodile HunterMonsters Inside Me and Crikey! It’s the Irwins, it is no wonder why millions of households receive it.  

However, Animal Planet is still a cable channel. Traditional TV is costly, and with the ongoing pandemic raising cable prices, many are considering cutting the cord.

The good news is, if you want to cut your cable subscription to Animal Planet, you can watch it on streaming services like Philo, Vidgo, Hulu+Live TV or YouTube TV.  Not only are these streaming services cheaper alternatives to cable or satellite TV, they don’t have the long term contractual obligations.

Which service is best for you depends on the answer to a few questions. What other channels do you want with Animal Planet?, how much can you afford?, how many other people in your household need to watch? and do you want DVR?

We will answer those questions in this blog so read on to find out.

Animal Planet on Philo

  • $25 Per Month 
  • 60+ Channels 
  • 7-Day Free Trial 

Philo is great streaming service, if you want to watch entertainment and lifestyle channels. It is inexpensive—only $25 a month—and offers you more than 60 channels. Notable networks include Animal Planet, Discovery, History, MTV, BET and many more. 

However, if you want to watch news and sports, Philo may not be for you. Philo may give you BBC America, BBC World News, Cheddar News, MotorTrend and PlayersTV, but that is about it.  

Philo’s add-on channels include:

  • Movies & More ($3/mo) – Cinémoi, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, REELZ, Sony Movies 
  • EPIX ($6/mo) – EPIX, EPIX Hits, EPIX 2 
  • STARZ ($9/mo) – STARZ, STARZ Encore, STARZ Kids & Family

Additionally, local channels are not available, so even regional news and sports broadcasts are out of the question.

Fortunately, you can couple it with a decent-quality TV antenna to remedy this issue. Philo is a relatively inexpensive service, so getting creative with your subscription is encouraged. Want to learn more about local channels and TV antennas? Check out our other articles on the subject matter here

Philo has unlimited DVR storage. This allows you to record whichever show you want, as often as you like. You can even keep them for up to 12 months.  

It is important to note, you can only record shows if there is a (+ Save) option. 

For those with busy lives and no time to hit record, you can make use of the service’s 72-hour playback feature. 

With three simultaneous streams, you can enjoy Philo on multiple streaming devices like Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more. 

Check out Philo and its 7-day free trial here

Animal Planet on Vidgo

  • $55 a month 
  • 95+ Channels 
  • No Free Trial 

Streaming services usually let you purchase add-on packages to diversify and improve your subscription’s basic lineup. However, Vidgo does not.  

This does not mean that Vidgo has no content to offer. On the contrary, for $55 a month, Vidgo carries a whopping 95+ channels of varying genres.  

If you want sports, Vidgo has ESPN, beIN Sports, Big Ten Network and Fox Sports. If you like family-oriented shows, it has Disney, Nickelodeon and Hallmark. If you want to learn more about the world around us, Animal Planet, Curiosity Stream, Discovery, History and many more have you covered. 

Vidgo even broadcasts regional content from ABC and Fox.  

It even allows you to stream on up to three devices at the same time. 

Sadly, like any other streaming service, there are still caveats to consider. 

Vidgo’s DVR, for one, is nonexistent, which means you cannot save your favorite Animal Planet shows after they air. Unfortunately, the service’s 24-hour playback feature does little to solve this issue.  

Additionally, Vidgo’s watch party feature, Social TV, is only available on mobile devices. This is a shame since you can watch Vidgo on numerous devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and more.  

Regardless, Social TV is still an intuitive way of spending the pandemic with loved ones and like-minded fans from across the country. All you need to do is join or create a watch party and chat away with other participants. 

Take note: Participants must be Vidgo subscribers to use Social TV. 

Despite having no free trial, the service only costs $10 for your first month, so click here to start your Vidgo subscription. 

Animal Planet on Hulu + Live TV

  • $64.99 Per Month 
  • 75+ Channels 
  • 7-Day Free Trial 

Hulu + Live TV offers a more customizable TV viewing experience. From DVR to add-ons channels, the service allows you to cater your subscription to your needs.  

See the list below of some of the premium channels you can look forward to purchasing:

  • Español Add-on – $4.99/mo (CNN en Español, Discovery en Español, NBC Universo, etc.)   
  • Entertainment Add-on – $7.99/mo (CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Discovery Life, etc.)   
  • STARZ – $8.99/mo   
  • Cinemax – $9.99/mo   
  • SHOWTIME – $10.99/mo 
  • HBO Max – $14.99/mo

Two simultaneous streams not enough for your household? You are in luck; for an additional $9.99 a month, you can stream on any number of devices at a time.  

You can enhance Hulu + Live TV’s 50-hour DVR storage to 200 hours for the same price. 

These upgrades seem essential for large households, but getting both can be a pain to your wallets. Thankfully, you can get them both in a bundle for $14.99 a month. 

Vidgo carries 95+ channels, whereas Hulu + Live TV offers less—only 75+. The latter costs more than the former but has fewer networks. So, where is the other content? The answer lies in Hulu’s entire streaming library. 

With Hulu, you can enjoy third-party content and Hulu Originals. Fans of Animal Planet will be happy to learn that the service has River MonstersTreehouse MastersInsane Pools: Off the Deep End and River Monsters. 

Alongside Animal Planet, you will also receive Discovery, Disney Channel, ESPN, History, NASA TV, National Geographic, Smithsonian channel and more. You will even find regional networks from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. 

Hulu + Live TV costs $64.99 a month. At the time of writing, new subscribers can save up to $10 a month for three months of subscription.  

Keep in mind that this option contains ad breaks when watching shows on-demand. For the ad-free version, you will have to cough up $70.99 a month. 

There is currently a promo running where you can get Hulu + Live TV, Disney+ and ESPN+ as a bundle for $72.99 a month. 

Hulu + Live TV is available on Mac & PC, mobile devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles and more. 

Satisfy your cravings for Animal Planet content through Hulu + Live TV here

Animal Planet on YouTube TV

  • $64.99 Per Month 
  • 85+ Channels 
  • 7-Day Free Trial (14-Day Free Trial Until 9/15) 

YouTube TV is similar to Hulu + Live TV.  

For instance, both cost the same amount at $64.99 a month, with $10 discount for three months. Both carry content from their respective on-demand libraries—with shows and movies exclusive to their service (Hulu Originals vs. YouTube Originals). Both even offer plenty of add-ons for purchase. Check out YouTube TV’s premium channels below: 

  • CuriosityStream – $3/mo 
  • ALLBLK – $5/mo 
  • Acorn TV- $6/mo 
  • EPIX – $6/mo 
  • Hallmark Movies Now $6/mo 
  • IFC Films Unlimited – $6/mo
  • Shudder – $6/mo 
  • WE tv+ – $6/mo 
  • AMC+ – $7/mo 
  • Sundance Now – $7/mo 
  • STARZ – $9/mo 
  • Cinemax – $10/mo 
  • Showtime – $11/mo 
  • HBO – $15/mo 
  • HBO Max – $15/mo 
  • MLB TV – $25/mo or $130/yr
  • NBA League Pass – $40/mo 
  • Sports Plus Add-on – $10.99/mo (NFL RedZone, FOX College Sports, GOLTV, etc.) 

However, YouTube TV one-ups its competitors with its 85+ channel lineup, unlimited DVR storage and three simultaneous streams. However, unlike Hulu + Live TV, there is no option to increase the number of devices you can simultaneously stream YouTube TV on. 

With YouTube TV, not only do you get Animal Planet, but you also receive AMC, CNN, Discovery, Disney Channel, FX, MTV, NBA TV, Paramount Network and much, much more. 

With local channels from ABC, PBS, CBS, Fox, Telemundo, CW and NBC, YouTube TV seems as though it does not run out of content.  

YouTube TV advertises itself as a streaming service “made for anywhere you watch.” This claim is evident in its long list of compatible devices. From Roku and Apple TV to mobile devices and gaming consoles, YouTube TV is available almost everywhere. 

The service currently offers 14-day free trials until the 15th of September. For comparison, its regular free trial lasts for seven days.  

Stream your favorite Animal Planet show on YouTube TV by subscribing here

Is Animal Planet on Amazon Prime

Like Hulu, Amazon Prime is an on-demand streaming service for the affordable price of $12.99 a month or $119 a year. If you do not care much for the Prime benefits, you can opt for Amazon Video instead. This deal costs $8.99 a month. 

Unfortunately, you need to purchase many of Animal Planet’s shows before you can stream them on the service. 

Amazon Prime still has series like Animal Kingdom and Animal Planet Presents that come with the subscription. However, you have to purchase some of Animal Planet’s shows per episode or season.

For instance, Animal Planet Extreme is $1.99 per episode. $19.99 will bag you North Woods Law’s 16th season. Sadly, they are only standard-definition quality versions of the shows. For high-definition quality, you have to pay extra. 

Regardless, Amazon Prime is another way you can enjoy Animal Planet from the comfort of your home. 

Catch your favorite episodes on Amazon Prime here. If you are still unsure about Amazon Prime, you can dip your toes on its waters with its 30-day free trial. 

Is Animal Planet Available on Netflix

Because Netflix is an on-demand streaming service, you cannot stream Animal Planet live.  

Netflix carries Our PlanetNight on EarthIf I Were an AnimalLife in Colour with David Attenborough and many more nature documentaries. But, at the time of writing, Animal Planet shows are absent on the service. 

You can still check out Netflix here. Its cheapest plan costs the same as Amazon Video—$8.99 a month.  

Is the Animal Planet App Free?

Animal Planet GO is available on a wide selection of streaming devices. You can download it on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and more.  

Simply head to your device’s respective app store and download it. 

Animal Planet GO is an app allowing you to stream your favorite Animal Planet show anywhere, at anytime. It is free to download and activate, provided you have a TV subscription.

Does Roku Have Animal Planet? 

As mentioned, the Animal Planet GO app is available on Roku. Just go search up “Animal Planet GO,” select the app and click “Add Channel” to download it to your device. 

You need to log in with your TV provider credentials and activate the app on Animal Planet’s website. 

Once activated, the app treats you to full seasons and more than 3,000 episodes of Animal Planet shows. 

Check out Roku here

Where Can I Watch Animal Planet’s The Most Extreme?

With its intriguing narration and captivating rendition of dangerous animals, Animal Planet’s The Most Extreme is an instant classic, lighting up feelings of nostalgia in many households. 

Sadly, the series is hard to find on any streaming service. Amazon Prime Video used to have the show included in its library, but it is now unavailable. 

You can find clips of the series on Animal Planet’s website. But the easiest and most accessible way to stream the series is through regular YouTube, where people upload old episodes of The Most Extreme to relive their childhood. 


Whether you are an adult enjoying a nature documentary or a child learning about the wonders of the world, Animal Planet makes you feel like an explorer. 

Entertainment and lifestyle enthusiasts will see their money’s worth with Philo. For $25 a month, you get an unlimited DVR, 60+ channels and hours upon hours of content.  

Vidgo gives you everything with its base plan. You do not get DVR nor add-on purchases, but it is still a streaming service packing quite a punch. 

Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV are almost similar to each other. Whichever you choose depends entirely on your preferences, so weigh in your options before deciding. 

You can also get your Animal Planet fix on-demand. Hulu, Amazon Prime and the Animal Planet GO app are your best options to watch Animal Planet on your own time.  

At the end of the day, Animal Planet feels as though it is an essential part of any household. People of all ages want it, and there is no better feeling than to have affordable access to the channel with no contracts attached.

How do you stream Animal Planet? Have you tried the streaming services mentioned above? How is your experience? Are you still watching Animal Planet on traditional cable or satellite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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