How to Watch Nickelodeon Live Without Cable – Top 3 Options

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How do you watch Nickelodeon without cable? The uncertainty of Covid is causing many consumers to consider cutting cable. In addition, we have seen regular price hikes, long contracts and hair-pulling customer service frustrations.

However, some worry they may lose access to their favorite shows and channels if they choose a more affordable and less annoying option.

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With so many streaming services at various costs with myriad benefits and drawbacks, navigating these crowded waters can be challenging. Knowing what you need out of your streaming service will help you find the price and package to serve you and your family best.

Options to Consider

Common considerations include available channels, number of streams, DVR capabilities, compatible devices and browsers, free trial periods, and last but not least – price.

Determining your precise TV needs will make choosing your streaming service a cinch. We have analyzed three popular streaming services that carry Nickelodeon to help you decide which option is best for you. 


At $20 per month, Philo comes in as our most affordable option by far. Philo also has a 7-day trial period to evaluate the service before investing for your first month.

It carries 60 different channels, including Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Nick Toons and Teen Nick. In addition to great Nickelodeon content to keep the kids entertained, Philo also offers channels like Food Network, HGTV and Paramount Network for grown-ups. Philo does not carry Disney or ESPN.

Local Channels

If you are looking for local channels on Philo or any of the streaming services, you won’t get it or they will provide a very limited selection. This means missing out on major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, Telemundo etc.

If you want a full selection of free network channels, we recommend purchasing an antenna.  Depending where you live, a good antenna could add an additional 30+ channels.  My antenna provides 74 channels. This very good 150-mile long-range antenna can be found here.

Premium channels like Starz and Epix will cost a few dollars extra per month.

Philo allows for up to three streams per household. This means you can watch on up to three different devices simultaneously per account.

In addition, Philo offers up to 10 user accounts so each family member can customize settings as they like. Devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, and most common web browsers will stream Philo.

You can also enjoy unlimited DVR, allowing you to record live TV and fast forward through the commercials. It will store saved items for up to 30 days.

Vidgo Core

Vidgo provides four different packages for its streaming service, but we’ll focus on the core package, their least expensive option that still offers Nickelodeon. Regularly priced, Vidgo Core runs $39.99. However, they sometimes run specials. They also offer a 3-day trial period to try their service before committing to your first month.

Vidgo Core offers 68 channels with something for everyone. For the kids, Vidgo includes Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, and Teen Nick. But it does not carry Nick Toons. However, their do offer Disney, Disney Jr and Disney XD.

Six ESPN channels, two Fox Sports channels and the NFL Network bring plenty of athletic action to sport-loving customers. More domestically-minded consumers may enjoy HGTV, Food Network, or DIY.

You always have options

Vidgo does not yet have DVR, but they do have 72-hour playback on some of their more popular channels and on-demand. You can simultaneously stream on three devices with Vidgo.

Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV will all stream Vidgo, giving you various ways to enjoy their programming

Vidgo is unique in that it offers a social TV experience. Their “watch party” feature allows users to chat with others who are watching the same program. You can create private watch parties where you invite other specific vidgo users to watch and online chat. You can also join one of the watch parties created by Vidgo for all its users.

AT&T Now

AT&T Now offers several different packages ranging from the Plus package at $55 per month to the Ultimate package at $135 per month. The Plus package, being the least expensive, will be our focus.

The Plus package includes 50 channels. Kids will enjoy Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Disney, Disney Jr., and Disney XD. For the adults, AT&T Now also includes channels like CNN, ESPN and Hallmark.

Customers can add HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Epix for extra. Their 7-day free trial allows you to test drive the service and gauge its value.

AT&T Now comes in at the lowest number of streams, with only two included in the Plus package. However, you can purchase a third one for an extra $5.

Users can record up 500 hours of programming with AT&T Now’s DVR service, but the recordings will expire after 90 days.

Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, iPhone, Android, Chrome and Safari all stream AT&T Now.

Philo-Vidgo Core-AT&T TV Now Comparison Chart

Bottom Line

It is possible to cut the cord and keep enjoying most of your family’s favorite TV. There are numerous streaming options with various popular programming at an affordable price.

All three of the services we highlighted offer several Nickelodeon channels, so your kids won’t have to give up the programming they love. They have their appeal and their value is best assessed based on your family’s needs.

If price guides your decision, Philo offers the best price by far. At $20 per month, they beat the other services.

Vidgo provides the widest variety of channels with 68. Moreover, those who want a more social TV experience can use Vidgo’s unique watch party feature.

On the other hand, Vidgo fails to provide the ability to record live TV and leaves you largely at the mercy of network schedules.

AT&T Now has a respectable 500 hours of DVR and 50 channels to choose from. However, it comes with the highest price tag.

Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences. All three services offer a free trial period, so you can test each of them to figure out which one best suits your family’s needs.

How do you watch Nickelodeon? Are you still using cable TV? Do you like the price you are paying? Would you consider streaming Nickelodeon via the internet? Let us know in the comments below.

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