How to Watch VH1 without Cable: The Best Options

You want VH1 but you don’t want to pay the high cable or satellite bill to get it. You live for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta or a Wild ‘N Out marathon as your favorite ways to unwind. Moreover, your week may not be complete without a new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What do you do?

The simple solution is to stream VH1. Philo, Sling, Vidgo, and Hulu+Live TV all have packages that allow you to watch Vh1 without cable. Giving up your cable in favor of one of the aforementioned streaming services is a great idea. Not only will it save you money but it will also free you from those pesky long term contractual obligations. But to move forward you need to pick a service. With so many options, which one is best?

Well, it depends. Some questions to consider include: what other channels do you want with VH1?, how much can you afford?, how many other people in your household need to watch? and do you want DVR?

We will evaluate each of the four services to see which one is right for you. Let’s take a closer look! 

VH1 on Philo

Philo’s 60+ channel lineup includes VH1 for $25 a month. The cost includes unlimited DVR recording on which you can save recordings for up to 12 months. In addition, you can stream on up to three devices and create up to 10 profiles per account, so everyone in your family can maintain their own lists and favorites.

Add-on movie packages are available for additional costs. The Movies & More package includes five channels, including Reelz and Sony Movies, for $3 extra per month. The Epix pack costs $6 for three Epix channels, and the Starz pack is $9 more per month for three Starz channels. 

In addition, Philo offers a 7-day free trial which you can get here. There is no obligation and no contract. Moreover, you can cancel and restart your service any time.

All you need to sign up is a mobile number or email and a debit or credit card to use for payment after your free trial ends. To use Philo, you need to have a broadband internet connection and a compatible device. Your device can be as fancy as a smart TV or as simple as a smart phone or tablet. Philo can be used on Roku, Fire Stick, or Apple TV.

Philo doesn’t have ad-free content. If you want to skip commercials you will have to save your show to DVR, after which, you can skip the commercials by fast forwarding.

Local channels are not part of Philo’s offerings, so if you want access to your local news and networks, like CBS, NBC, ABC or FOX, you can get them using an over-the-air antenna. You can read our previous article 4 Things Cable Companies Don’t Want You to Know About TV Antennas here.

VH1 on Sling

Sling Blue costs $35 per month for 43 channels and 50 hours of free DVR recording. However, VH1 is not one of those channels. To get VH1 as part of your package, you have to add on the Lifestyles Extra bundle for $6 extra per month. This package includes VH1, DIY, FYI, two Hallmark channels, Lifetime, and WeTV.

Other bundles are available starting at $6, or you can choose the 4 Extras Deal for $13. Adding the Total TV Deal will get you $45 worth of extras, including DVR for only $21, or $27 when you combine Sling Orange and Sling Blue. You can stream on up to three devices, and there is never a contract. Local channels are not included but can be viewed using an over-the-air HD antenna.

As of this writing, Sling is offering the most promotions of any of the streaming services. Everyone gets an intro offer of $10 for the first month, and you can mix and match various programming and hardware bundles to personalize your viewing experience. Their special offers include: 

  • 200 hours of DVR recording for $5 a month
  • Free AirTV Mini when you prepay for two months of service
  • Free HD antenna when you prepay for two months of service
  • AirTV 2 and an HD antenna for $49 with three months of prepaid service
  • AirTV Anywhere and an HD antenna for $99 when you prepay for three months of service
  • Sports bundles for basketball and football combined with your Sling plan for $21 during the first month 

You can sign up for Sling here or through the app. Create an account with your email and a password, choose your programming with any extras, add your billing information, and then follow the instructions to complete the sign-up process. You can watch using the Sling app or simply use your web browser.

You can also access Sling, if you have a streaming device like a Fire Stick or Roku. You will want to make sure your internet is fast and reliable. Sling recommends a minimum speed of 3 Mbps for portable devices, 5 Mbps for connected devices, and 25 Mbps if you have multiple devices in your home using the internet.

Sling offers two packages to Philo’s one, and many more add-ons and extras. However, Philo has an extensive channel lineup.

Philo, Sling, Vidgo & Hulu Live TV Comparison
Philo, Sling, Vidgo & Hulu Live TV Comparison

VH1 on Vidgo

VH1 is included in the main channel lineup for Vidgo, which starts at 95 channels for $55/month for the basic plan and 112 channels for $79.95/month. Currently, a promotion of $10 for your package choice during the first month is available which you can sign up for here.

If you want VH1 but also need sports, then Vidgo is your best choice. There is ESPN, NFL Network, NFL Redzone and the SEC among others.

They also offer a Spanish language package for $30/month. Vidgo offers access to live sports, news, and local stations, but this comes with a caveat. This offer currently only includes ABC and FOX, so if you watch shows on NBC and CBS, you will have to purchase a tv antenna.

Vidgo does offer TV Everywhere, which allows you to download TV network apps and use them with your Vidgo login credentials. This eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions. They are also adding new channels.

There is no DVR service, though they do have 24-hour playback for many popular channels. Vidgo also offers a Social TV option, which is basically a chat function allowing you to connect with others while you stream content. There are also no extras or add-ons – what you see is what you get. 

You can watch Vidgo on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, web browsers, and Chromecast. If you only have a tablet or a phone, you can use AirPlay or Chromecast to view Vidgo on your TV using your web browser, but only if your TV is Airplay or Chromecast compatible. Vidgo allows you to stream on up to three devices at the same time.

Vidgo doesn’t offer any add-ons or DVR recording, and they are more expensive than the other services. However, Vidgo is a new arrival to the streaming universe and they have a solid model. Every year, their partnership with networks continue to grow.

VH1 on Hulu+Live TV

This option will cost you $64.99/month for access to everything in the Hulu streaming library, including original content plus 75+ channels of live and on-demand TV. The price includes 50 hours of DVR storage and two streams, but you can add 200 hours of DVR recording and unlimited in-home viewing for an additional cost.

Hulu+Live TV offers multiple choices of add-ons, including a full lineup of premium movie and entertainment channels, sports packages, and a Spanish language option. Local channels and networks are available for news, sports, and program viewing, though regional restrictions and blackouts may apply for some sporting events. 

To enjoy Hulu+Live TV, you need to sign up for a subscription. Once you sign up and provide your billing information, you’ll be able to begin your free 7-day trial which you can get here. You don’t need to be a new customer to access the trial, either. The Hulu+Live TV 7-day free trial offer is valid for returning customers as well. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a supported device.

The service is compatible with Apple and Android devices, including Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV/Fire Stick, Nintendo Switch, Roku, and Xbox. You can also watch on using a web browser. With Cloud DVR access, you can view all your recorded content wherever you go. 

Hulu+Live TV is hands down the most costly of all the streaming options, but you are getting access to all of Hulu’s streaming content in addition to live TV. Even with all the upgrades and premium services, Hulu+Live TV is still much cheaper than cable or satellite.

Is VH1 Free with Amazon Prime

VH1 isn’t free with Amazon Prime. VH1 shows are available for purchase on Prime Video starting at $1.99 per episode, or you can purchase an entire season for a discount. 

Can You Watch Full Episodes On The VH1 App

Yes, you can watch select full episodes of your favorite shows on the VH1 app. However, to unlock all of the VH1 content you love, you have to sign in with your provider credentials. 

How Can I Watch VH1 For Free

The best way to watch VH1 for free is either viewing select full episodes on the app or website or by taking advantage of one of the free trials discussed in this blog post. In addition to the services profiled, you can also get a free week of VH1 on YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Paramount+.

Is VH1 Free On Roku

No, VH1 isn’t free on Roku. VH1 is available on Roku only with a cable or satellite service. If you have a cable or satellite provider, you can use authentication with your Roku to access VH1 content. 


It can be overwhelming trying to choose the best streaming service to watch your favorite shows. But you can cut the cable cord with confidence and still be sure to get your prized VH1 content. Philo, Sling, Vidgo, and Hulu+Live TV all offer packages with VH1. Which one is best for you, depends on how much you want to pay, how many channels you want, and what, if any, add-ons you need.

How are you watching VH1? Are you still using cable/satellite? If you are streaming, what’s your preferred service? Let us know in the comments below to better inform other readers.

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