How to Watch WE TV Without Cable: Here Are Your Best Options

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WE TV has your favorite reality shows and many popular television reruns. You don’t want to miss the new season of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. The Bridezillas’ antics are seriously cringeworthy. Love After Lockup can make your online dating fails look tame in comparison and Law & Order or Criminal Minds is great feeding your late-night crime addiction.

But what do you do if you’re trying to save money by canceling cable? Can you watch WE TV without cable? Well, the good news is you can watch WE TV without cable. Philo, Sling, YouTube TV, and Fubo all have streaming packages with WE TV. But each package is different so keep reading to learn more about your options to stream WE TV while also cutting cable.

WE TV on Philo

Philo offers 60+ channels, including WE TV, for a flat rate of $25/month. The service consists mainly of entertainment and lifestyle channels. If you want to watch WE TV with news and sports networks, they are few and far between. You do get BBC America, BBC World News, Cheddar News, MotorTrend and PlayersTV.  

If you want to augment more entertainment to your basic package, there are three different movie packages available as add ons.

  • The Movies & More bundle/$3/month/includes Reelz, MGM, and Sony Movies.
  • The Epix bundle/$6/month/contains three Epix movie channels.
  • The Starz bundle/$9/month/has three Starz options.

Philo is a relatively inexpensive service, so getting creative with your subscription is encouraged.

If you want to watch your local channels, they are not available on Philo. So regional news and sports broadcasts are out of the question.  

Fortunately, you can buy a quality TV antenna to fix this issue. But before buying an antenna, read our recent blog the 4 Things Cable Companies Don’t Want You To Know About TV Antennas here and additional articles on the subject here

Philo offers three streams per household with each account, but you can create up to ten unique profiles. This means your family members can maintain their own favorites and other settings. Unlimited DVR with the option to save recordings for up to 12 months is included. Philo is currently offering a 7-day free trial with no contract. You can cancel and re-start your subscription at any point with no obligation. 

To get started with Philo, you need a mobile number or email, a credit or debit card, a broadband connection, and at least one supported device. You can try Philo and its 7-day free trial here

  • $25 Per Month 
  • 60+ Channels 
  • 7-Day Free Trial 

WE TV on Sling

Sling’s Blue package offers 43 channels for $35/month, with a special offer as of this writing of $10 for the first month. The package also includes 50 hours of free DVR storage and three streams per household. You can upgrade to DVR Plus with 200 hours of DVR storage for $5/month extra. Neither the Blue nor Orange option includes WE TV. Instead, you can get a bundle ALLBLK with WE TV+ for an additional $6/month. Sling also offers loads of extras and add-ons, including premium channels like Showtime, starting from $3/month and going up to $10/month.

As of this writing, there are six promotions available. Two sports bundles for football and basketball are programming only, offering a Sports Extra lineup for $21/month on top of Sling Blue. The other promotions are free hardware when you prepay for Sling services. One month prepaid gets you a free Chromecast streaming device. Two months of prepaid service offers a free AirTV Mini streaming device or a free HD antenna to watch over-the-air local channels. Paying three months in advance gets you a free AirTV 2 plus the HD antenna or free AirTV Anywhere plus the HD antenna.

To begin your service with Sling, you need to set up an account with your email and payment method. Select a base package, choose your add-ons and extras, and you’re good to go. You can watch it on all popular devices, from smartphones to gaming consoles. Sling offers more extras than Philo, which ultimately leads to better channel accessibility. Still, Philo has a better base package for less money. You can sign up for Sling here or through the app.

WE TV on YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides 85+ channels for $64.99/month. The price includes premium sports channels, three streams and six user accounts per household, and unlimited DVR storage with fast forward, rewind, and pause capabilities. DVR recordings are available for nine months and can be watched anywhere.

There is a 7-day free trial automatically, though it can be as long as 30 days with a promo code. Currently, there are no active regular promotions. If you want to try out premium channels or the 4K service, free trials range from 7 to 30 days. Watch on any device with the YouTube TV app or in a browser. All you need is a Google account to get started. Pick any add-ons you want, and start watching!

YouTube TV is by far the most expensive option of the four profiled here. However, the cost includes streaming your local ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates. YouTube TV also offers a greater variety of channels in their basic lineup; depending on your local offerings, you can get up to 108 channels. They also have more bundle choices and customization options than Philo and Sling.

WE TV on Fubo

Fubo has a tiered pricing model, ranging from $64.99/month for the basic package of 108 channels to $79.99/month for the Elite package of 156 channels. Depending on your local offerings, you may get more channels. This writer in a major metro area in the Southwest could have a lineup of 234 channels. All packages include DVR storage of 250 hours in the Starter package and 1,000 hours in both the Pro and Elite plans. The Starter plan also allows three streams, while the Pro and Elite plans offer 10 streams.

Fubo has a 7-day free trial, but no other active promotions. The Pro and Elite plans are already priced at a 20% discount. Add-ons include bundled programming in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian, sports bundles, and more. Premium movie channels are extra. Sign up with your email and provide a payment method. Then, pick your base package, add-ons, and you’re all set to start watching.

Fubo is price-competitive with YouTube TV and offers the largest channel lineup. It also has more diverse bundles and add-ons, especially if you regularly watch foreign-language programming. Compared with Sling and Philo, Fubo is far superior. Sign up for fuboTV here.

Is the WE TV App Free

The WE TV app is free, but unless you have a cable provider and login credentials, you can’t access much content.

Is the WE TV App on Roku

You can watch WE TV on Roku, but you still need to log in with your cable provider’s credentials.

Does Netflix have WE TV

Netflix offers episodes of scripted shows like Law & Order, Criminal Minds, and NCIS, which air as reruns on WE TV. It does not offer access to WE TV’s reality shows or to live streaming. 


If watching WE TV is a priority, you can drop your cable service and still watch it. There are several good options for streaming WE TV. Which one you choose will depend on how much you want to spend and what other channels and extras you want. Whether you choose, Philo, Sling, YouTube TV, or Fubo to watch WE TV, we hope you have a better experience than traditional cable or satellite.

How do you watch WE TV? Are you using traditional cable/satellite or are you streaming? How is your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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