Is Orby TV A Good Satellite Option?

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Is Orby TV a good satellite option? Subscribers are fleeing satellite-TV services at record rates.

In 2018, 3 million people cancelled their traditional pay-TV providers with DirecTV and Dish accounting for two thirds of the number. If you one of them, Orby TV may be a good satellite option.

Why did all those people dump pay-TV?  Because people are sick of the cable/satellite companies tying them to a contract or checking their credit.

They are sick of the $65 sign up special only to receive a bill with taxes and unknown fees for $95. 

If this sounds like your experience, Orby TV may be just what you are looking for. 

People have had enough


Launched in 2019,the plan was to build a satellite company where the consumer had control and the satellite offering was inexpensive and uncomplicated. 


Essentials Plan $40/Month. The plan includes over 40 channels. Channels include A&E, AMC, BBC America, CNN, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, HGTV, History Channel, Lifetime, TBS, and TNT.

Orby TV Extras Package $50/Month. Additional 20+ channels. Channels include BBC World News, Cooking Channel, DIY, Nicktoons, and several Spanish-language versions of CNN, Discovery and History Channel.

Premium channels have an additional monthly fee—HBO runs $18; Cinemax $12; Starz $9; and Epix $6.

They keep the cost low by not including the local channels in your area. 

Part of the Orby TV package includes an outdoor antenna. This allows you to receive free over-the-air broadcast channels like ABC, CBS and NBC television. 

Local channel reception is dependent on your location and the quality of the antenna.  We don’t know the quality of the Orby TV antenna. 

Check out the article the 4 things cable companies don’t want you to know about TV antennas here.

No Sports

If you are a big-time sports fan, Orby TV may not be for you.  There are no dedicated sport channels like ESPN or Fox Sports included.  The sports received will be shown on TBS/TNT and off the included antenna offering the networks like CBS, ABC and NBC. 

Limited News

In conjunction, channels like Fox News and MSNBC are not available. 

If you are looking for a conservative news channel, it does include NewsMax TV. 

CNN is available.  Leaving out sports and restricting news keeps their pricing competitive. 

For those reasons, this site will only appeal to a narrow audience.  For the person who wants a very basic, stripped down package, this might very well be a good option. 

No Internet Needed

Orby TV uses satellites. If you don’t have an internet connection or your connection is slow and unreliable, this platform is for you.

It’s a great alternative for people not comfortable using streaming services like SlingTV and Hulu + Live TV.  You are familiar with and want a traditional satellite company with a recognizable TV interface.  For all those reasons, Orby TV is worth a look. 

Pricing of Streaming Competitors

AT&T TV NOW (formerly DirecTV Now) basic plan costs $65/month which includes 45+ channels and free HBO. 

Hulu + Live TV basic plan costs $55/month which includes 60+ channels.

YouTube TV basic plan costs $50/month which includes 70+ channels with local sports and news.

We compared AT&T TV NOW, Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV in this blog post.


Orby TV requires purchasing a receiver from their website or Best Buy.  There are two types of receivers. 

The standard TV receiver costs $100 and the DVR-capable receiver is $200.   The TV receiver provides access to the local channels, programming packages and the on-screen program guide. 

You must purchase an additional receiver for every room where you want to use the service.


The DVR has two tuners for receiving over-the-air broadcasts, plus two tuners for receiving the satellite TV signals. As a result, you are able to record one show from either source while watching another.  

The 500GB hard drive DVR holds approximately 100 hours of HD programming or 1,000 hours of standard definition. 

There is a $4-a-month DVR service fee if you have the programming package.

The monthly package supports up to 4 tv’s.  Additional tv’s require additional receivers and/or DVR’s.  Installation for the first room is $150 and $50 for each additional room.  If you purchase the equipment and pay for the installation on 4 rooms, under the basic Essential Plan, your bill would be $40/month.  That’s a great price!


If you are a very good handy man/woman who used to install satellite dishes for a living, install the system yourself.  A self-installation kit, with the dish, antenna, and mounting hardware, costs $70. 

The Orby TV satellite, requires a clear, unobstructed view of the southern sky. 

The installation requires a compass, signal meter, and the know-how to properly position and align a satellite dish using coordinates for azimuth, elevation, and skew. 

Most will pay for professional installation.  Installation for the first room is $150 plus tax and $50 for each additional room.

This is handled by a network of installers across the country. 

The professional install comes with a one-year warranty.


Orby TV has good reviews but there has been some complaints with the installation service and the quality of the outdoor antenna. 

If you live in an area where your neighbors don’t use outdoor antennas or there aren’t very many satellite dishes, Orby TV may not be a good option. 

Check out the video review below.

Please note, early 2021, Orby TV went out of business for good. Orby TV is no longer an alternative TV viewing option for consumers.

Orby TV Review

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Do you have Orby TV?  Are you happy with the service?  If you don’t have it, would you get it?


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