Is VH1 on any Streaming Service? Your Top 4 Options

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Starting as a channel primarily showcasing music videos, VH1 eventually drifted into other genres like reality television. Thanks to shows like RuPaul’s Drag RaceMob Wives, and K. Michelle: My Life, the channel has sky-rocketed to the top of the ranks. 

As one of the best channels providing reality shows centering around African American personalities, there is demand for the network. So, is VH1 on any streaming service? 

Streaming services offer ease of access through streaming devices. As long as you have an internet connection, you are covered.  

With the question established, the answer you are looking for might just be in this article.  

Philo has VH1

  • $25 Per Month 
  • 60+ Channels 
  • 7-Day Free Trial

Yes, VH1 is available on many streaming services—Philo being one of them.  

For a streaming service, Philo is one of the few accessible options in the market. It is only $25 a month, a price relatively affordable for many cord-cutters.  

Despite Philo’s price, its features and content throw quite a punch.  

For instance, Philo’s DVR storage is unlimited, which means you can record whichever show you want, however much you want, as long as channel streaming rights do not prohibit you to. You get to keep all your shows for a year, and you can even skip the ads in your recordings. 

You cannot, however, download and save shows for offline viewing. 

Moreover, Philo supports up to three simultaneous streams and allows you to add up to ten profiles in one account.  

If you have a large household, you benefit the most from this feature since the service is supported by numerous streaming devices, namely Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku and many more. They even have a Philo-dedicated app for mobile devices. 

In terms of channel offering, Philo provides more than 60 channels. However, keep in mind, the service only has a few news channels and little to no sports. It has news channels such as BBC America and Cheddar News. Sadly, you only get MotorTrend and PlayersTV for sports content. 

Regardless, Philo has plenty of channels to keep the entire household entertained. The service has A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BET, Discovery, Hallmark, INSP, MTV, Nickelodeon and, of course, VH1. 

You can even add more by purchasing EPIX, STARZ and Movies & More, which are $9, $6 and $3 a month, respectively. As its name implies, Movies & More fits movie channels like Cinémoi US, HDNet Movies, MGM, REELZ and Sony Movies in one bundle. 

Unfortunately, being inexpensive also comes with a cost. Regional channels are nonexistent in the service. One way to remedy this issue is by purchasing a separate antenna. Having a decent quality antenna installed grants you access to the wide selection of channels available in your area. 

You can read more about local channels and antennas by reading our articles on the matter here

Stream your favorite VH1 show on Philo by clicking here

Which Sling Pakcage has VH1

  • $35 Per Month (Sling Blue/Orange Only); $41 Per Month (With Lifestyle Extra) 
  • 40+ Channels (Sling Blue); 30+ Channels (Sling Orange) 
  • 3-Day Free Trial 

Sling also has VH1, but not in the basic lineup of both its plans. You can only add VH1 by purchasing the Lifestyle Extra add-on for an additional $6 a month.  

There are two packages you choose from with noticeable similarities and differences.  

First, let us discuss the similarities. 

Sling Orange and Sling Blue both costs $35 a month. With Lifestyle Extra, the price is bumped up to $41 a month. Thankfully, at the time of writing, Sling is offering $25 off for your first month of subscription. 

You also get 50 hours of DVR storage in both plans, but you can further upgrade this to 200 hours by purchasing the Cloud DVR Plus add-on for an extra $5 a month. 

Additionally, both offer 3-day free trials, which allow you to test the waters first before diving into Sling TV’s depths. Sling Orange and Sling Blue are also compatible with Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more supported streaming devices. 

The similarities stop there. The two plans may be almost similarly named, they have numerous differences. Picking one over the other depends entirely on which service suits your household best. 

Sling Orange and Sling Blue mainly differ in the content they offer.  

For instance, you can only watch local NBC and Fox-affiliated content on Sling Blue. To make up for this, Sling Orange carries top-tier sports and family-oriented networks like ESPN, Disney Channel and Freeform. On the other hand, Sling Blue has more news and entertainment channels like Discovery, Bravo and HLN. 

Thankfully, you can prepay for two months of Sling to receive a free AirTV Mini. 

The AirTV Mini puts local viewing in a dongle. This acts as your streaming device, allowing you to stream Sling TV and local channels even with Sling Orange.  

Moreover, Sling Orange and Sling Blue also differ in add-ons. While their add-on bundles essentially offer channels of the same genre, the networks within them are slightly different. To know which channel each offers, refer to the tables below: 

Sling Blue Extras

Sports Extra$11/moNFL RedZone, Big Ten Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, etc.
Comedy Extra$6/moMTV, Paramount Network, FETV, MTV 2, etc.
Kids Extra$6/moNickToons, TeenNick, Boomerang, BabyTV, etc.
News Extra$6/moFox Business Network, CNBC, BBC World News, Law & Crime, etc.
Lifestyle Extra$6/moVH1, Oxygen, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, etc.
Hollywood Extra$6/moFXX, FX Movies, REELZ, Heroes & Icon, etc.
Heartland Extra$6/moNat Geo Wild, World Fishing Network, Pursuit Sportsman Channel, etc.
Sling Blue Extras Table

Sling Orange Extras

Sports Extra$11/moSEC Network, ACC Network, Pac-12, The Longhorn Network, etc.
Comedy Extra$6/moMTV, truTV, FETV, MTV 2, etc.
News Extra$6/moBBC World News, WGN America, Newsmax TV, HLN, etc.
Lifestyle Extra$6/moVH1, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, FYI, etc.
Hollywood Extra$6/moREELZ, Heroes & Icons, Start TV, SundanceTV, etc.
Heartland Extra$6/moWorld Fishing Network, Pursuit, Sportsman Channel, RIDE TV, etc.
Kids Extra$6/moTeenNick, Disney XD, Disney Jr., etc.
AMC+$7/moAMC+, Shudder, Sundance Now, IFC Films Unlimited
Sling Orange Extras Table

If you plan on purchasing all of the extras available in your subscription, you need to keep their cost in mind. Fortunately, you can get all Comedy, News, Lifestyle, Hollywood, Heartland and Kids Extras for only $21 a month with the Total TV Deal. This also gets you Cloud DVR Plus. 

However, if you do not see yourself using all the channels available with Total TV Deal, you can opt for the 4 Extras Deal instead. This bundles Kids, News, Comedy and Lifestyle for only $13 a month.  

Take note: Purchasing the Lifestyle Extra is the only way you can enjoy VH1 on Sling. 

When it comes to simultaneous streams, Sling Blue only you to stream on three devices at a time. Sling Orange, in comparison, allows only one.  

Test Sling out for yourself by signing up here

VH1 on Vidgo

  • $55 a month 
  • 95+ Channels
  • No Free Trial 

Vidgo’s regular price can be a leap to many cord-cutters, especially those on a budget. Luckily, for your first month of subscription, you get everything Vidgo has to offer for only $10. 

However, like all streaming devices, Vidgo has cons you need to keep in mind.  

First, the service does not have a DVR. It does not even have an offline-viewing function for mobile users. The service allows you to rewind content featured in the past 24 hours, but this is only a bandaid solution.  

Second, the service does not offer any free trial, which means, to test drive Vidgo, you still need to cough up $10.  

Third, unlike Sling, you cannot customize Vidgo to your liking. So, if you are looking for a channel not included Vidgo’s basic lineup, you are forced to get creative and find a subscription complementing it. 

Despite all these caveats, Vidgo is still a solid service, offering more than 95 channels of varying genres. Plus, you can enjoy all these on three screens at a time. 

Some of the notable channels available in Vidgo are ESPN, Disney Channel, Discovery, History, INSP, Paramount and VH1. You even get local channels with Vidgo, namely ABC and Fox. Vidgo promises to add more as the service grows. 

Additionally, Vidgo offers you an intuitive way of watching your favorite shows with friends and family.  

Social TV is a feature that allows you to chat and send pictures to other participants in your watch party. This way, even with the pandemic, you and your loved ones will still feel close to each other. 

Sadly, despite Vidgo being compatible with Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, you can only use Social TV on mobile devices. 

Check out VH1 on Vidgo here

VH1 on Hulu + Live TV

  • $64.99 Per Month 
  • 75+ Channels 
  • 7-Day Free Trial 

You may know Hulu as one of the best on-demand streaming services in the market. But not only do they serve third-party and original shows, but they also offer live TV streaming with Hulu + Live TV. 

Hulu + Live TV grants you 75+ top channels like CNN, Disney Channel, Discovery, ESPN, MTV and VH1. It also allows you to browse through Hulu’s on-demand library, providing you more content to get through the year. Local channels from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox are also included in the basic lineup. 

The service is regularly priced at $64.99 a month, but new subscribers get a $10 discount for their first three months of subscription.  

However, the regular plan’s on-demand library is not free from advertisements. If you do not want your viewing experience to be frequently interrupted, you can opt for the Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV instead, which costs $70.99 a month. 

You can also bundle Hulu + Live TV with Disney + and ESPN+ for $72.99 a month. 

Not satisfied with the content in the service’s lineup? Check out some of the premium channels you can add to your subscription: 

  • Español Add-on – $4.99/mo (CNN en Español, Discovery en Español, NBC Universo, etc.)   
  • Entertainment Add-on – $7.99/mo (CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Discovery Life, etc.)   
  • STARZ – $8.99/mo   
  • Cinemax – $9.99/mo   
  • SHOWTIME – $10.99/mo   
  • HBO Max – $14.99/mo 

Hulu + Live TV’s customization options do not end there. The service’s DVR storage starts at 50 hours. You can upgrade this to 200 hours, and it will cost you an extra $9.99 a month. 

Likewise, you can stream on any number of supported devices with the Unlimited Screens add-on. In comparison, you can only watch on two screens at a time with Hulu + Live TV’s base plan. This upgrade also costs $9.99 a month. 

But if you are considering getting both enhancements, you can bundle them for $14.99 a month. 

Try the service out with its 7-day free trial here. You can stream Hulu + Live TV on Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, gaming consoles, mobile devices and more. 

Can I Watch VH1 on Amazon Prime?

VH1 shows are available on Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, you still have to buy them per episode or per season. 

Take the fourth season of Love & Hip Hope: Atlanta, for example. Each episode of the show costs $1.99 (standard definition) or $2.99 (high-definition). The entire season costs $18.99. The same can be said to the third season of Black Ink Crew, the first season of Basketball Wives and the fifth season of T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.  

You can get Amazon Prime for $12.99 a month or $119 a year. For an inexpensive access to Amazon’s on-demand library, Amazon Video costs only $8.99 a month. This option forgoes Prime membership.  

A generous 30-day free trial awaits you in Amazon Prime, so click here and try it out yourself. 

Does Hulu Have VH1 Live?

No, Hulu does not offer live broadcasts of VH1. Regular Hulu should not be confused with Hulu+Live TV which we covered above.

But if you want to watch VH1 shows on-demand, Hulu’s library is your solution. At $5.99 a month, you can stream Love & Hip Hop AtlantaLove & Hip Hop HollywoodRuPaul’s Drag RaceRuPaul’s Drag Race All StarsFlavor of LoveBasketball Wives LA and many, many more. 

You also get critically acclaimed shows such as The GreatHigh FidelityNormal PeopleCatch 22Ramy, and The Handmaid’s Tale

As mentioned, the base plan of Hulu contains ad breaks. To avoid them, you need to opt for the $11.99-a-month option. You can also bundle Hulu, Disney + and ESPN+ for $13.99 a month.  

The service has a 1-month free trial, so stream VH1 on Hulu by clicking here.

Is VH1 Free on Roku?

You can download the VH1 TV app on Roku for free. However, as it is a TV Anywhere channel, you must first be subscribed to a cable or telco provider to fully benefit from it.  

There is still VH1 content waiting for you, even if you do not have a cable or satellite subscription. It may only be a few episodes, but they are there to give you a taste of what you can get when you subscribe.  

Once you unlock the app with your TV provider credentials, you are treated to full seasons of certain shows, live VH1 broadcasts and exclusive content.  

Sign up for Roku here


To answer the question raised at the beginning of this article: Yes, VH1 is available on many streaming services. 

If you are on a budget, Philo is your best option. It is inexpensive, has generous features and provides you with all the entertainment you need.  

The same can be said for Vidgo. It is not as customizable as its other competitors, but its numerous channel offerings and Social TV feature more than make up for its caveats. 

Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV offer you versatility with their many add-ons and premium channels. However, in the former’s case, this is the only way you can get VH1 on it. 

 If there is a cable channel you are inclined to get, chances are it is available on a streaming service. After all, streaming services are everywhere. 

How do you stream VH1? Have you tried the streaming services we mentioned? How is your experience? Let us know in the comments below and help other cord-cutters with their decision. 

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