Watch CNN & MSNBC Without Cable: 4 Options

Best Way to watch CNN & MSNBC

How do you watch CNN and MSNBC without cable? CNN and MSNBC are two very popular cable channels. Both networks offer news, analysis and some of the most popular programs on cable.  On MSNBC, shows include Morning Joe, Velshie & Ruhle, MTP Daily, All In With Chris Hayes and the Rachael Maddow show.  On CNN, you will find New Day, The Lead with Jake Tapper, The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer and AC 360. Now more than ever, people are trying to save money. Streaming offers the best way to watch TV when compared to traditional cable or satellite, for less money. However, cancelling your cable/satellite subscription doesn’t mean losing your favorite networks. Here are your 4 best options.

Best Option To Watch CNN & MSNBC Without Cable

1) Sling TV:

The best way to watch CNN and MSNBC without cable is Sling TV’s Blue package for $30/month. Sling TV sometimes offers additional discounts throughout the year for new subscribers. 

In addition to CNN and MSNBC, Sling TV’s Blue package offers more than 47 other channels. You can stream on computers, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices, and more.  

You can record CNN and MSNBC with the included Standard Cloud DVR which has up to 10 hours of storage.  Multiple shows can be recorded at once. You can fast forward commercials and keep your recordings. Cloud DVR Plus is available, which can record up to 50 hours of content, for an additional $5/month, .

Sling TV Blue package allows up to three simultaneous streams. Any extras added to your Blue service will be included in your three streams.

Local channels can be added to your Sling TV subscription. You can purchase an antenna for either $49 or $99, if you prepay for 3 months of Sling TV. However, we recommend separately purchasing a better quality antenna like this one, for the local channels. 

For more information on antennas, read this post about the 4 Things Cable Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Antennas.

Sling TV doesn’t have hidden fees, has no contracts, and you can cancel any time.  There is also a free trial.

You can find more information about Sling TV in this article titled, How to Watch TV Without Cable or Satellite.

Watch CNN & MSNBC Without Cable
Watch CNN & MSNBC Without Cable

2) YouTube TV: 2nd Best Option

YouTube TV offers another inexpensive way to watch CNN and MSNBC. It’s $49.99/month, a little more than Sling TV but offers more channels with 70 additional networks.

If you don’t have the time to watch live TV, you can record with unlimited storage space. 

A YouTube TV subscription gives you 6 accounts and 3 simultaneous streams.

There is no cable box, contracts or hidden fees with a YouTube TV subscription and you can cancel anytime.

Watch CNN Without Cable
The best way to watch CNN is Sling TV

3) Fubo TV: 3rd Best Option

FuboTV also offers an inexpensive option to watch CNN and MSNBC. The Fubo Standard plan is $54.99/month.  In addition, there are over 85 other channels and thousands of on demand titles available under this package. This is a very robust plan for those who want news and sports. 

Every account comes with 30 hours storage space with cloud DVR. You can record and watch from any device and your recordings never expire. Two devices can stream at once. 

Fubo TV has a free trial, no hidden fees or contracts and you can cancel anytime. 

The Fubo TV app is available on many platforms including AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku and Amazon FireTV.

Watch MSNBC Without Cable
The best way to watch MSNBC is Sling TV

4) Hulu + Live TV: 4th Best Option

The last streaming service in this list is Hulu + Live TV. It provides another way to live stream CNN and MSNBC without cable or satellite subscription. It has over 65 channels and is priced at $54.99/month.

The cloud DVR gives you 50 hours of storage and you can watch on 2 devices simultaneously. If you need more, add Enhanced Cloud DVR for 200 hours of video storage. 

You can record multiple shows at the same time, fast-forward commercials and stream recordings anywhere on supported devices.  You also can add the Unlimited Screens option for everyone in your household.  

Hulu + Live TV gives you the ability to stream your local channels.  Just enter your zip code on the site and it will tell you how many local channels you will be able to stream.  When I checked the site with my zip-code, it offered me 6 local channels.  However, my installed antenna gives me 68 channels. We recommend separately purchasing an antenna for your local content.   

There are no hidden fees, equipment rentals, installation appointments or long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime.  Hulu + Live TV offers a free trial period.   

Cut the cord and give one of these streaming options a try.

Leon Thomas

Are you streaming CNN and/or MSNBC? Which of the streaming services are you using? Are you happy? Let us know below.

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