What Is The Cheapest Way To Watch Fox News? Top 5 Options

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We believe streaming is the best way to watch TV.  However, cancelling your cable or satellite subscription doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite channels. If the Fox news Channel is my favorite network, what’s the cheapest way to watch it?

The Fox News Channel is the most watched cable news network.  It is the number one channel on all cable and has some of the most popular shows.    

In the morning, they have the very popular Fox & Friends with Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy.  The afternoon is dominated by Outnumbered with Harris Faulkner, The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino, Your World With Neil Cavuto, The Five and Special Report w/ Bret Baier.  The evening shows are headlined by Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity and The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham. 

There are many ways to live stream Fox News, but we are only looking at the cheapest ways.  The 6 streaming services below offer the cheapest ways to watch the Fox News Channel as well as many others without a cable or satellite subscription.  Except for one, all the streaming services featured here, include free trials, no contracts and the ability to cancel any time.

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Here are the top 5 options

1) Sling TV is The Cheapest Way To Watch Fox News

By far, the cheapest way to live stream the Fox News Channel is to subscribe to Sling TV.  If you sign up for their Blue package, you can watch, at the currently, unbeatable rate of $30/month.  This package is $19.99/month cheaper than YouTube TV, the next competitor.  Sling TV sometimes offers additional discounts for new subscribers. 

Along with the Fox News Channel, Sling TV Blue offers 47 other channels available on many devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.  

If you are unable to watch the Fox News Channel live, you can also record it with the included Standard Cloud DVR with up to 10 hours of storage.  You can record multiple Fox News shows at once, fast forward commercials and keep your recordings.  For an additional $5/month, Cloud DVR Plus is available, which can record up to 50 hours of content.

The Sling TV Blue package allows up to three streams at the same time. Any extras you add to your Blue service will be included in your three streams.

You can add local channels to your Sling TV subscription.  If you prepay for 3 months of Sling TV, you can purchase an antenna for either $49 or $99. 

As with the other streaming services, we recommend separately purchasing a much better antenna for your local channels. We recommend this one.

Read an earlier post about the 4 Things Cable Companies Don’t Want You To Know About TV Antennas here

As per most streaming services, there are no hidden fees, no contracts, and you can cancel any time.  You can also take advantage of the Sling TV free trial. 

Find out more about Sling TV with this earlier article titled, How to Watch TV Without Cable or Satellite here. 

2) Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV provides another way to stream the Fox News Channel without cable or satellite It is priced at $54.99/month and providing over 65 additional channels.

You can watch on two devices at a time and get 50 hours on a cloud DVR.  If you need more, add Enhanced Cloud DVR for 200 hours of video storage. 

You can record multiple shows at the same time, fast-forward commercials and stream recordings anywhere on supported devices.  You also can add the Unlimited Screens option for everyone in your household.  

Like the other streaming services, Hulu + Live TV gives you the ability to stream your local channels.  Just enter your zip code on the site and it will tell you how many local channels you can stream on the platform.  When I checked the site with my zip-code, it offered me 6 local channels.  However, my installed antenna gives me 68 channels.   

As with the other streaming services, we always recommend purchasing your own antenna for your local content. 

There are no hidden fees, equipment rentals, installation appointments or long-term contracts so you can cancel anytime.  There is also a free trial period.   

3) AT&T TV Now

Under the Plus package, you can live stream the Fox News Channel. It is $55/month with 45+ channels including local. This service shouldn’t be confused with AT&T TV, which is different. 

You can read a previous post titled 3 Important Things You Need To Know About AT&T TV Streaming Service here.

Cloud DVR with 500 hours of recording time and 90 days storage time is included. You also get 3 simultaneous streams on up to 9 different devices. 

There is a 7-day free trial, no annual contract and the ability to cancel anytime. 

4) Fubo TV

FuboTV offers another cheap way to watch Fox News along with sports.  This streaming platform offers the Fox News Channel under the Fubo Family plan for $59.99/month.  In addition, there are over 98 other channels and thousands of on demand titles available under this package, making it a very robust plan. 

Every account comes with cloud DVR and 500 hours of storage space included.  You can record and watch from any device. Your recordings never expire and three devices can stream at once. 

Again, like the other streaming services in this review, Fubo TV has a free trial, no hidden fees or contracts and the ability to cancel anytime. 

The Fubo TV app is available on many platforms including AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku and Amazon FireTV

5) YouTube TV Is The 4th Cheapest Way

The 5th cheapest way to watch the Fox News Channel is through YouTube TV at $64.99/month.  It provides more channels than Sling TV with over 85 networks.

If you don’t have the time to watch live TV, you can always record with unlimited storage space. 

6 accounts with 3 simultaneous streams are available with the YouTube TV subscription. 

There is no cable box, contracts or hidden fees with your YouTube TV subscription, so canceling anytime is not a problem.

AT&T TV Is A Cheap Way To Watch Fox News But….

AT&T TV is a new entrant and offers another way under the AT&T brand, to stream the Fox News Channel. It is not a top 5 option, but you should know about it. It is priced at $59.99/month under the TV package called Entertainment, and offers a competitive introductory rate. 

You could even save an additional $10, taking it down to $49.99/month by bundling the Entertainment plan with AT&T’s internet service. 

However, either rates are only good for 1 year under a required 2-year contract.  If you cancel early, there is a $15/month early termination fee, for each month remaining on the agreement. 

The regular price after the first year for the Entertainment plan is $93/month.  Because of these reasons, the AT&T TV service is a far more expensive plan over 2-years. 

The service offers a cloud DVR with 500 hours of storage. You can record as many shows as you like. After 90 days, the content is deleted. 

With up to 3 streaming devices, you can have two people streaming live TV outside the home, while someone is watching TV at home. 

Subscribing to any of the services mentioned above, also gives you access to the Fox News app. The login credentials you use for Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and AT&TV Now unlock live and some on-demand Fox content on the app.

You can also download the Fox app onto your Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV device and watch using the credentials from any of the services above.

Leon Thomas

Are you streaming the Fox News Channel? Which streaming service are you using? Are you happy? Let us know below

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  1. James Hochstetler

    I want to cut the cable so all those options you gave I might as well stay with cable. Plus with streaming and I can’t record! And these day near 50% of the news or any show is commercials

    1. Leon

      If you can get a good offer with your cable company, it might make more sense to stay with it. But I love streaming. All the packages I mentioned in the article have DVR, so you can record. YouTube TV even has unlimited DVR. so you can record to your hearts desire. Thanks for reading.

    2. a clay

      you can record, and youtube TV kicked cables butt, then, it was not fixed as to price in goes up every other month by 5 bucks, like they intend, we get screwed as usual. I swear these big companies offer bonuses internally to lower executives for use of deception. I’d read the small print, but I found streaming more reliable than cable or satellite, that could be from the quality of the local carriers. I just hate being screwed and will make the effort to move away from youtube TV for being deceptive.

      1. Leon

        YouTube has been raising prices lately. However, they seem to think they are offering more bang for the buck.
        Thanks for reading.

    3. Bart

      I can’t watch Fox news live with a Roku streaming device anymore. I have Comcast for my provider. Comcast won’t let me. When I first started streaming with my Roku streaming Stick I was able to watch Fox news live but now when I put on Fox news live on it will tell me to go to the Fox news website and put in the code that’s on the TV screen. I have it sent to my smartphone and it tells me that Fox news is not on my plan. How dare Comcast tell me how I should use my internet that I pay for. They just don’t want you streaming any content because they want you to buy their TV service which cost $137 a month. Fox news is the number one cable show. Now they’re stopping me from watching shows that were on the day before. Shows that are not live.

  2. Chris

    This is super helpful! Thanks for taking the time to put this all together to help us make an informed decision

    1. Leon

      You are most welcome

      1. Isabelle

        I agree with Chris, Leon. It is super helpful and confirms that I have a very good combination that I can afford. I subscribe to sling TV and get to watch my favorite news channel Fox News. Sling TV also offers many channels and, as you state, it is only $30 a month. I have to admit that Sling TV has movies but nothing like the selection of Prime video. I like all kinds of movies and often old ones which are hard to see anywhere else. So I have another subscription to Prime video for $12.99 per month. On prime video, you must rent some movies for $3.99 but most movies are included in the $12.99. So, for about 40 bucks, I get my favorite news and a humongous selection of movies. I use for both subscriptions the TV air mini provided by sling TV for free when you sign up. And yes, I can stream Fox News on three devices at the same time. Actually, I still can stream it on additional devices. There are a few minutes delay on the fourth device, but it is included in the $30. I’m happy to have my favorite no News and a great selection of movies for a price I can afford.

        1. Leon

          That’s a good example of a “skinny bundle”. You trim the fat and find the streaming services that work for you.
          Thanks for reading.

  3. Ed Elliott

    Not helpful in todays current pricing. Hulu tv YouTube tv sling ….. all require I buy more than I want. When or if FoxNews has it own cable subscription so I can or choose not to subscribe. I don’t need a bundle

  4. Tim

    What’s the point anymore cord cutting? You have to pay $60 min just to get an internet connection and then all the alternatives for the cord cutter cost another $50+ so you are still paying over $110 a month and its a pain in the a$$ switching between all these aps….

    1. Leon

      Sometimes the parts are more expensive than the whole. You definitely have to weigh your options.
      Thanks for reading.

  5. Brett

    Sling sucks!!!!!! If you want a basic package with ESPN the only news channel you can get is CNN – the messed up servant of the far left.

    The basic plan with Fox News and ESPN does not exist. I hate when companies take sides!!!!!! You suck Sling.

    1. Leon

      Fox News Channel and ESPN are the number one and number two most popular channels in the USA. As a result, to get both, all the companies make sure you pay. The cheapest way is either the Sling Orange + Blue combination for $45/month. The other way is the Vidgo Core package. It’s also $45/month. However, the first 90 days is $40/month.
      Thanks for reading.

  6. Terry morrison

    It’s too bad that Fox News can’t charge and stream their own channel. I’m tired of paying for a bunch of trash just to get the Fox News channel.

  7. ED Dolzel

    If you want to watch fox news simply subscribe to Fox Nation for $6.95 per month. There is a link there to access fox news but not fox business unfortunately.

    1. Sharon M

      I tried this, but you still have to have a tv provider.
      So, just signing up for Fox Nation and then Signing up for Fox News, they still ask you who your tv provider is.
      I no longer have a tv provider since I cut the cord a week ago.
      I have all I can watch with Discovery + and klowdtv for OANN and NewsMax at a total of $9.49 a month plus tax.
      The only thing I wish I could add is Fox News, but that’s going to cost you to sign up with a tv provider to get “live” streaming.

  8. Alberto Weis

    All the streaming services are BS and ripping people off.
    They are all doing the same that the Cable companies have been doing for years. They are giving us a bundle with stupid channels that nobody wants or watches anyway and are charging a lot of money for them.
    I have Spectrum in my area. I returned them all my Cable boxes and after calling them several times they offered me a promotional 24 months package:

    TV Choice 34.99
    Ret Choice $29.99 24m -5.00
    Premium Pak Includes: 40.00
    HBO + HBO Max, Showtime, TMC, Starz And Starz
    Promotional Discount – 24 months -25.00
    It’s not bad at all. it includes my local channels, Fox News ,BBC International and other decent channels + HBO and Netflix.
    So, for $45.00/month for the next 2 years I am sitting tight ,with the hope that by then, competition will do its thing and we ‘ll be able to do better than ~$65.00 for YouTube or Hulu +, without any Premiums.

  9. Jo

    Thank you for this information.I was thinking of cutting the cord but after reading this and finding out I would hav3 to switch between apps instead o changing a channel I will stay with cord. Also apps start low but I see they keep raising cost which in the end will cost as much as cable for channels I want …this was very informative for me

    1. Leon

      Thank you for reading.
      We regularly update information, so be sure to come back.

  10. MikeJ

    I had YouTube.TV for a year but it is too expensive for what I got out of it. I only watched sports and news on it. I looked into going back to basic cable but with the modem and box rental it was about the same price. I can get ESPN+ for about $15 per mo. and get local and national news and tv with an antenna, which still leaves me without Fox Sports. Not a fan of Fox News or the Murdoch clan anyway so I guess I can manage without them.

    1. Leon

      After Sling, we are going to try YouTube TV. By the way, the cheapest way to get Fox Sports is Sling Blue. Right now you can try Sling Blue for $10 for the first month.

  11. Melynda Keenon

    We cut the cord because we only watched 5 of the channels we paid for anyhow. The Roku and antenna we have tons of choices. Many free movie apps. Our Amazon prime movie and commercial-free Hulu app are the only ones we pay for now. Fox News is what we are trying to resolve. We have the Sirius XM app and can listen to Fox News on our TV. I don’t like the live Hulu because of the commercials.

    1. Leon

      Looks like you have a good setup.
      Thanks for reading

  12. Brent

    Fox news isn’t live with the Fox Nation subscription, it says that the shows can be watched next day. Another disappointment.

    1. Leon

      That is true

  13. Wendy Schutze

    I would pay NOT to have FAUX NOT NEWS on my current Satellite Package.
    It is an extreme Right Wing Propaganda Site run by morons.

    1. doesky2

      Please return to your wine Karen

      1. Ken

        I agree! Karen is what is wrong with this country. Probably a woke joke to.

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