Where Can I Stream ESPN2?


Thanks to the internet, sports lovers can cheer for their favorite teams without using cable or a satellite subscription. ESPN2, which is owned by ESPN has the the latest highlights in tennis, baseball, football, basketball, racing, and a host of other sports.

Originally designed to cater to a younger generation of sports fans, ESPN2 has become the second outlet for ESPN’s mainstream sports coverage. It also features original shows like Daily Wager and Always Late with Katie Nolan.

Some of the best options to stream ESPN2 without cable include Sling, Vidgo, Fubo and YouTube TV. Your preference will depend on what you most value with a streaming service. Find out more about the streaming services airing ESPN2, including their pros and cons, in the article below.

ESPN2 is on Sling

Sling TV is the most affordable option for streaming ESPN2. Orange is Sling TV’s specialized package for family entertainment and sports enthusiasts. You can purchase Sling Orange for only $35 a month and get ESPN2 plus 31 other channels, including ESPN, CNN, Food Network, History, and Nick Jr.

Sling TV can be streamed on web browsers, Android, or iOS as well as Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and LG/Samsung TVs. Only one device at a time can be used to stream Sling TV. Additionally, you’ll get 50 hours of DVR storage.

A good benefit about Sling is if you want more channels, you can choose from the Sling Orange Extra packages. The packages cost anywhere between $6 to $11 depending on the channels you’ll add.

50 hours of DVR storage is included with this package but if If you want more storage, you can pay for an additional 200 DVR hours for an additional $5 per month.

For even more channels, you can combine a Sling Orange + Blue subscription, which is a premium combo package.

Currently, Sling has an introductory offer where you can get 50% off your first month of streaming if you sign up for Sling TV. If you are hesitant about signing up, you can test the service free for 3 days to see if it’s the best option for you.

Sling TV doesn’t have contracts, so you can pause or cancel subscriptions anytime. You can sign up for Sling TV here.

ESPN2 is on Vidgo

Vidgo is another streaming platform carrying ESPN2 at a competitive price. Vidgo is great for people who love tuning in to live TV. Vidgo offers three packages:

  • English Plus $59.95/month
  • English Premium $79.95/month
  • Spanish Mas $29.95/month

ESPN2 is available on both English Plus and Premium for $59.95 or $79.95 a month, respectively. There are a few differences between the two packages.

The English Plus package has 110+ live channels and on-demand content. While it has no cloud DVR feature, you may watch shows that have aired in the last 24 hours through the Advanced Playback feature.

On the other hand, the English Premium package has 150+ live channels, on-demand titles, plus DVR recording on selected platforms, i.e., Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and the Android TV Vidgo app.

Vidgo allows simultaneous streaming on up to 3 devices on all packages.

You can try out Vidgo’s service for 7 days free of charge before subscribing. This option is available for brand new and returning customers who have not used the service in 60 days.

At the time of writing, Vidgo is offering a discount for the first three months of streaming, so you’ll only pay $53/month for Plus, $66.30/month for Premium, and $25/month for Mas. While Vidgo costs around 20 bucks more than Sling TV, you will enjoy more channels, local programming, simultaneous streaming, and a longer free trial period.

You can sign up for your 7-day trial period with Vidgo, here.

ESPN2 is on Fubo

Fubo is known to be a sports-centered streaming service, so it’s no surprise it carries ESPN2. They have 4 plans ranging in price from $69.99 to $99.99 and a Latino plan with 43 Spanish channels for $30-per-month.

  • Pro $69.99/mth (128 Channels, Cloud DVR, Unlimited Screens)
  • Elite $79.99/mth (179 Channels. Fubo Extra, News Plus, Cloud DVR, Unlimited Screens)
  • Ultimate $99/mth (213 Channels, Fubp Extra, News Plus, Sports Plus, ShowTime, Cloud DVR, Unlimited Screens)
  • Latino $33/mth (44 Channels, Cloud DVR, 2 simultaneous screens)

You can get their base plan, Pro, and get 128 channels including ESPN2, 1000 hours of cloud DVR, and multiple streams. Fubo TV supports two streams at the same time. If you get the Family Share add-on ($5.99/month), you get an additional screen. But right now, Family Share is free for all bundles. If you buy the Unlimited Screens package ($9.99/month), up to 10 devices connected to your home network can stream in addition to two devices on the go.

You can watch shows via Fubo on a computer, Apple device, Android phone and tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. Fubo TV offers a 7-day free trial period if you’re interested in exploring the service before you sign up.

Fubo TV is more expensive than the first two services we discussed, but it has more hours of cloud DVR, supports more screens, and offers more channels in their base plan.

You can try a FuboTV seven-day free trial right here.

ESPN2 is on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has ESPN2 and makes it very simple. Unlike its competitors, YouTube TV only offers one streaming plan. For $64.99 you’ll have 85+ channels including ABC, Fox News, the NFL Network, and TNT.

YouTube TV also offers unlimited cloud DVR, so you can record as many shows as you want. There is no cap.

It allows simultaneous streaming for up to 3 devices and lets you create 6 accounts per subscription.

YouTube TV also offers customizability through add-ons allowing you to add channels or watch programs in 4k. Moreover, the 4k add-on allows you to access recordings online via mobile and get unlimited concurrent streams at home.

While it’s not the cheapest streaming platform, YouTube TV has exciting features like unlimited DVR and local network coverage. Plus, they charge no additional fees for DVR, local channels, or cancellations. They also launched a new Spanish-channels-only package for $34.99 a month.

At the time of writing, YouTube TV is offering a discount for the first 3 months of streaming for new subscribers. This means you’ll only pay $54.99 for the base plan, and $24.99 for the Spanish plan.

The standard YouTube TV free trial lasts 7 days, but they occasionally offer longer trial periods during special events.

You can try YouTube TV, here

How Can I Watch ESPN2 For Free?

Since ESPN 2 is a pay television network, there is no way to watch ESPN 2 for free unless you consider the free trial periods offered by streaming companies in this blog post. Stream it for free for a couple of days, by signing up for a free trial on Sling, Vidgo, Fubo, or YouTube TV. Just be sure to cancel your subscription before you free trial ends.

How Do I Watch ESPN2 On Roku?

To watch ESPN2 on Roku, you’ll need to subscribe to a streaming platform that carries the channel (Sling, Vidgo, Fubo, or YouTube TV).

On your Roku Menu, go to “Search”, enter the name of the streaming service, and then press “OK.” Select “Add Channel” to install the ESPN app and log in using the credentials you use for the streaming service. If the channel is already installed, click “Go to Channel” instead of “Add Channel.” Once the channel is installed, you’ll see ESPN2 on your app’s live TV guide.

Is ESPN and ESPN2 The Same?

No, ESPN and ESPN2 are not the same but ESPN is ESPN2’s parent network. ESPN2 was initially intended for young adult sports fans, which is why it used to carry sports popular among younger audiences. This was coupled with with an informal presentation style.

However, ESPN2 has now become a second outlet for ESPN. The channel is known for streaming college baseball, college football, and Formula 1 races.

How Do I Add ESPN 2 To Sling?

You can watch ESPN2 on Sling TV as long as you sign up for the Sling Orange or Sling Orange + Blue plan. Find the Sling TV app on the app store of your preferred device and download it. Launch the app and log in. Look for “ESPN2” with the search tool or open the “Sports” section and click on the channel.


Die-hard sports fans have plenty of reasons to be happy after cutting the cord. ESPN2 can be streamed on the following platforms: Sling, Vidgo, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV without using traditional cable or a satellite connection.

The most affordable service in this lineup is Sling, for $35 a month, including 50 hours of DVR. This streaming service is also the most basic, showing just 32 channels.

Vidgo is another competitively priced streaming service but it has more channels and supports more screens. They recently added a DVR recording feature for some devices, including Roku, Apple TV, and Android.

Fubo and YouTube TV are on the pricier end of this spectrum, but they have more hours of cloud DVR and more channels on average.

Based on popularity, YouTube TV is the most popular option. However, your streaming platform of choice will depend on your preferences.

All these streaming companies allow customizability by offering add-ons. Most of them also give discounts for new subscribers. Last but not least, all of them let you try their service for free (3-7 days) before you make a decision.

Streaming ESPN2 on one of the new streaming platforms is another reason to cut your cable or satellite subscription.

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How do you watch ESPN2? Are you still using traditional cable? Have you tried one of the new streaming services to watch ESPN2? If so, are you happy with your monthly payments and the service? Let us know in the comments below.

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