Where Can I Watch OWN Without Cable?

The end of the Oprah Winfrey show marked the beginning of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in 2011. OWN remains the first and only network named after an individual. Beyond great talk shows, the Oprah Winfrey Network gave us exciting lifestyle shows and series such as David Meets Man, Family or Fiance, and The Haves and Have Nots.

The best streaming platforms to watch OWN include: Philo, Vidgo Plus, YouTube TV and Fubo. If you want to stay in the entertainment-and-lifestyle loop after cutting the cord, they represent some of the best streaming options. Read the rest of the article to see the pros and cons of each service. 

OWN is on Philo

Within this group, Philo offers the lowest cost for people who want to stream live TV channels without cable. Priced at $25 per month, Philo gives you access to your favorite shows on OWN plus 60 more channels including AMC, Discovery, and HGTV.

Unfortunately, if you want to watch OWN with sports, news or your local channels, Philo doesn’t offer it. This is how they keep their prices low. However, you can purchase a TV antenna here, to solve the deficiency.

This budget-friendly streaming service is supported on a range of devices including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Android phones and tablets, Fire TV, and Roku.

Philo’s offers a generous 3 simultaneous streams limit, unlimited DVR storage and has around 60,000 titles in its on-demand library.  Just be sure to watch your recordings as they are deleted after 30 days.

Check out Philo and its 7-day free trial here, if you want to make sure it is the right streaming option before committing.

OWN on Vidgo

Vidgo is another reasonably priced streaming service that includes OWN in its channel offerings.

Vidgo Plus, which is the basic package, costs $55 a month and gives you access to 85 channels from cable and network TV. This includes channels like MTV, Disney, Fox News, and the NFL Network.

You can upgrade to Vidgo Premium for an additional 10+ channels at $79.95. 

Vidgo also offers a Spanish channel lineup.

Vidgo can be streamed via iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Web browsers, and Chromecast devices.

All Vidgo plans allow up to three simultaneous stream, however, Vidgo lacks DVR. The platform does give you the ability to watch selected shows 24 hours after they air.

If you want an affordable streaming platform to watch OWN in conjunction with news, sports, and entertainment channels, then Vidgo is a good choice. Though Vidgo is double the price of Philo, sports fans will find out it’s one of the most affordable ways to stream NFL games during the football season.

But frequent users of DVR will have to wait for Vidgo to develop its recording capacity.

You can sign up for your Vidgo seven-day free trial here to access live sports, news and your local favorite shows.  

OWN on YouTube TV

YouTube TV gives you 85 channels, including OWN, for $65 a month. You can also watch shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox on YouTube TV.

The Google-owned streaming service is supported on web browsers, Android, or iOS as well as Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

YouTube TV offers very generous unlimited DVR storage and allows three simultaneous devices to stream at once. To ensure optimized DVR recording, there are no limits to simultaneous recordings and each account has a personal DVR recording library. You can watch your recorded shows anywhere on YouTube TV’s app, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Plus, YouTube TV stores recordings for up to 9 months.

It carries 2,000 on-demand titles for you to enjoy. You can try YouTube TV here for one week free of charge if you want to see if it fits your needs.

Though YouTube TV is pricier than Philo and Vidgo, its channel selection is one of the best. This is because of the inclusion of major, local, sports and news channels.

Though Philo, Vidgo, and YouTube TV all have the same length of trial periods and same limit to simultaneous streams, YouTube TV allows up to six accounts. These accounts allow for personalized content, settings, and DVR storage. DVR recordings on YouTube TV are also stored for a significantly longer period of time when compared to other streaming services.

OWN on FuboTV

FuboTV is another great platform for streaming OWN. Fubo’s packages start at $65 a month (Fubo Starter) with more than 100 channels, including NFL, Food Network, HGTV, ESPN, and Nickelodeon. FuboTV also carries all local networks and specializes in sports content, especially soccer.

FuboTV is supported on a variety of devices including web browsers, Android, or iOS as well as Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV.

FuboTV supports streaming on three devices at the same time. It also has a very good DVR recording storage base capacity of 250 hours.

If you want the entire household to use your FuboTV subscription, you can upgrade to a Fubo Pro ($70) or Fubo Elite ($80) package and enjoy 10 simultaneous streams.

FuboTV has a selection of over 15,000 on-demand titles within it’s library.

FuboTV’s basic package costs just as much YouTube TV, so on this list, it’s on the expensive side. However, its 250-hour DVR storage feature is enough to satisfy most viewers. Plus, FuboTV supports local networks and adds 7 streams per household if you upgrade your subscription.

The difference between the Starter and Pro package is only $5, so if you want to share your subscription with more people, FuboTV is a lifesaver. Its inclusion of local networks lets you save money and time by eliminating the need for an over-the-air antenna.

FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial right here.

Is OWN on Roku?

Yes, you can watch OWN on Roku. However, since OWN is a TV Everywhere channel, you’ll need an existing channel or streaming subscription to be able to watch OWN. To watch OWN on Roku, you can log in to the OWN app or log in to your Watch OWN account.

Is OWN on Netflix?

No, OWN is not available on Netflix.

However, there are a few titles from the Oprah Winfrey channel that can be streamed on Netflix. Greenleaf and Oprah Winfrey Presents: When They See Us Now are the only available OWN programs on Netflix as of this writing.

Is the OWN app free?

Yes, the OWN app is free to download. However, you will need a paid subscription to be able to log in and watch OWN programs. The Watch OWN app is available for iOS and Android users.

Is OWN on Sling?

No, Sling does not have OWN on its streaming list. Nonetheless, Sling TV streams TLC, Comedy Central, and other entertainment channels. Sling TV starts at $35 a month.


OWN is a must-watch channel for individuals who enjoy watching informative entertaining programs. Even without cable, you can stream OWN on Philo, Vidgo, YouTube TV, and FuboTV.

The cheapest option for streaming OWN is Philo, followed by Vidgo. Philo is great for budget-sensitive, DVR-loving folks who don’t consider news and sports coverage to be a deal breaker.

Youtube TV and FuboTV cost the same. FuboTV caters to individuals who love sports and are looking to upgrade the number of screens without breaking the bank.

Vidgo also does a good job providing sports and news but lacks DVR recording capacity.

YouTube TVs DVR recording feature is more generous and convenient to use.

Take advantage of trial periods and specials to see which streaming service works for your household.

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